Alsea Townhouse - PRICE LIST

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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Schedule of DP:
1st to 4th month: 10,000
5th month: 50,000
6th to 9th month: 10,000
10th month: 50,000
11th to 14th month: 10,000
15th month: 50,000
16th month to 17th month: 10,000
18th month: 40,000
80% Loanable to Bank: 1,360,000
Bank Financing @ 25yrs to pay (est 6%): 8,762.50
Total Contract Price - Php 1,870,000
20 % DP: Php 374,000
Less Reservation Fee: Php 10,000
Net DP: Php 364,000
Monthly Down payment in 23 months: Php 15,826
80% Balance: Php 1,496,000
25 years: Php 9,638.75

It is indeed a difficult task for medium income families or professionals to purchase a property. For some, it might be the most expensive investment. Understanding the need for affordable housing, First Sheltering Ventures developed the Alsea townhouses so that they are affordable and can be purchased without much hassle. The property construction has completed and currently in its pre-selling stage meaning it is available for purchase.

Owing to its affordable rate and price, the property has been one of the hot selling in Paranaque City. It is strategically located in Paranaque which is close to many prominent landmarks making things simpler and convenient for the residents. It is a perfect purchase for young professionals and definitely a great boost to a career as it is located very close to multiple commercial offices, business centers etc. It is very close to the international and domestic airport making it very convenient for frequent travelers. It is a medium density community residential project where despite residing on the same campus, every house has own individuality.

It is spread across an area of 1 hectare and there are around 160 units of townhouses. Each of the townhouses in the complex has two level and consist of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom & toilet, space for living and dining, kitchen, service area, yard and a carport. It is great for smaller and expanding families even. The units are basically not furnished so that the owners can have it constructed and designed as per their choice.

Finally, affordable residential townhouse along with flexible payment method is a boon to first time and mid-income buyers. It is an ideal location for professionals and students and has the basic amenities for a convenient stay. The aim of the developer is to make sure that house is available across the country at affordable rates along with basic convenience and amenities.


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