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The amenities define the quality and comfort of a particular residential complex. The Alsea townhouse developed by First Shelter Ventures is not a luxury styled accommodation and is not even marketed that way but it does have some amazing amenities to add to the lifestyle of the residents. It is a gated community which clearly indicates that it is tightly regulated with 24 x 7 security services. The safety and security of the residents if of top priority and hence it is necessary to take care of the campus and ensure that every unit is safe. Every entry is registered and taken care of. The gated community promotes better safety to the residents. Along with ensuring safety, when a particular residential complex is gated, it identified its presence and also becomes a landmark to other nearby places.

You don't have to go anywhere out to offer your prayers as there is an in the campus chapel. It is beautifully designed and established so that events, prayers and evening or morning mass can be attended here itself. There is a multi-purpose hall present which can be used for organizing events, families, ceremonies, get-together etc. In order to maintain proper fitness and good health, there is a basketball court also on the campus. It gives children an option to play and be active. The entire complex is quite spacious and clean.

There are some basic requirements of any residential complex like 24 x 7 water supply which is properly maintained and taken care of. The security service provided by the developer is sound and ensures that the society is well guarded. It is important to keep an eye on every guest entering the building so that no one lands in any kind of unfortunate trouble. 

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  • Basketball Court
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